Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monthly totals: February 2012

February was certainly a better effort than January. March should be even better. The amount of study required is easing. I've got a week off next week and hope to get some running and riding done between the forecast showers.

Bike: 45:36 | 19km
Run: 5:14:29 | 52.93km
Swim: 2:32:40 | 6750m
Bike Trainer: 1:37
Boxing: 40m
Fitness testing: 15m
Strength: 1:20
Stretching: 45m
Rock climbing: 1hr

Weight: -0.5kg. 61kg. While I did use Fitday, I didn't use it every. single. day. Having a consistent food diary may help with bloating issues I'm still having, so I'm going to attempt to keep the logging up. I'm still keen to lose a couple of kilos too.

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