Thursday, March 8, 2012

Half the day

I'm just going to post half my eats for the day. I'm heading out for dinner tonight with friends. There won't be photos, just good food choices. Trust me!

Breakfast: Full fat milk latte (did not upset my stomach - apparently the fats slow the journey of the milk through the intestines and allow the lactase enzymes more time to break down the sugars, whereas low fat/no fat milk speeds through the intestines and skips the usual digestive process and is partially broken down by the bacteria in the intestines. This fermentation process causes excessive wind, bloating and associated pain - which is what I have a tendency to suffer from) and natural peanut butter on rye. Seriously natural peanut butter, I wish I'd discovered you earlier.

Snacks: Soy latte between jog & run (I wasn't prepared to overload on milk just yet) and an almond milk/cranberry protein shake after running. Choc nib chia cookies after lunch.

Lunch: Sardines with Dijon mustard and diced tomato, capsicum, cucumber & basil. Sardines have not won me over. I'll be sticking with tuna from here on in.

: 36:07| 4.3km | 8:23/km. I met G at the Tan and slow jogged a lap. She's lost 22kgs and still has 20kg to go. For a long time she didn't have the right mindset/attitude with regards to her health and weight loss. She sure does now, it's so good to see the shift.

Run: 44:27 | 7km | 6:21/km. After a soy latte with G I embarked on my own run. I struggled - under fueled. Still it was a beautiful morning for it and I felt lucky to have the time to get out and run by the river.


  1. Higher fat milk is also lower in lactose (really, skim has more than full-fat) so that's another help for lactose-sensitive people.

  2. Said far more eloquently than me!