Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Definitely closer to where I want to be on days of little exercise. Day two of low/no fructose and my tummy is still happy. Had a chat with the doc today who suggested I stick with what's working rather than go for testing. At this stage there's been no major cravings for sugar, I'm waiting for it to hit. Not included in the photos is the glass of red the Man and I went out for. Everything in moderation right??

Bodyrock: 12 mins. Glad you Came workout. Mountain Climbers set 1:53 set 2:51 Squat Lunge Back & Side Lunge set 1:12 set 2:12 Ugi Jump (using scooter helmet!) set 1:25 set 2:40 Push Ups set 1:18 set 2:22 Straight Arm Plyo-metric Jump set 1:27 set 2:30 Tricep dips (was meant to be Reverse Pull Ups) set 1:25 set 2:30


  1. Hi, Your food looks yummy, but what is all of it? I'm trying to re-learn how to eat "right" but I'm underweight and need to gain, so...tricky. (its hard to gain when you get constipated and tons of gas building up in your guts like me :(

    1. Hi Anon! Thanks for stopping by. I was hoping the pictures would speak for themselves, that said in my most recent post I've itemised my food, so hopefully it's a little clearer.

      Have you consulted a nutritionist/dietitian/doctor with regards to your needs? It could be quite helpful in your journey.

      All the best,