Monday, March 5, 2012

Fructose free experiment

On Saturday the weather was conducive to staying indoors, it enabled me to catch up on what was happening in blog world and do a little research. Particularly around the issue of fructose malabsorption and the benefits of a reduced sugar/fructose free diet. I know I can't eat raw apples or pears without being in a world of gastrointestinal distress. Of late I've been suffering all sorts of bloating/gas/stomach cramps I'm keen to try anything if it's going to be beneficial to my quality of life! A lot of people who reduce their sugar intake report reduced bloating.

I'm well aware I could go and get tested via a Hydrogen Breath Test. But I can't see the harm in cutting out fructose to see if it's good for my health.

Sarah Wilson went sugar free, she's got heaps of useful information on her site and this week I'm going to follow some of it. As an experiment in giving up the sugar if you will. As a general rule if it has more than 6g sugar per 100g I ain't eating it.

Over the weekend I packed all the sugary items in the house and popped them in the top cupboard. I have to get a stool to reach that shelf. Hopefully I can be mindful enough not to go there!

Massage: 1 hr. Oh yeah. THE perfect way to kick off a week of leave.

Sun; run: 34:02 | 5.6km | 6:05/km. Vibram run around Albert Park, before the swim. With so much rain on Saturday I had no chance of getting out.

Sun; swim: 42:45 | 2km | 2:08/100m. Ladder time. 100, 200, 300, 400, 400, 300, 200, 100.

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