Monday, March 12, 2012

Revisiting goals

This week marks the twelfth week of the course. We've covered a lot of the basics and from here on in it gets exciting with placements out in the real world to apply our knowledge. We've been given our work dates for up until mid September which for me, as someone who likes to plan, is freakin' awesome.

There's a couple of less awesome things. The May Sri Chinmoy Running and Fitness Festival has been canceled this year due to organisational changes. Major bummer because this 21.1km was fitting in nicely with the schedule. Run Melbourne falls on a weekend where there's a 99.8% chance I'll be on night shift. And the half associated with the Melbourne Marathon falls right when I need to be available for any rostered shift. I feel it's a little to early to be making availability requests just yet.

Instead I've enter two races I've never run before. Sri Chinmoy Princes Park 15km in April and in May The Great Train race, that involves racing Puffing Billy over a hilly 13.2km. For both the aim will be to average 5:41 per kilometre.

I'm also looking forward to returning to Mt Buller over Easter to take on Mountain High Fun Run and take in the spectacular scenery.

So it remains to be seen whether I'll run a half marathon in 2012, let alone a sub 2 hour one!

Bodyrock: 12 mins. Glad you Came workout. Mountain Climbers set 1:59 set 2:51 Squat Lunge Back & Side Lunge set 1:12 set 2:14 Ugi Jump (using scooter helmet!) set 1:49 set 2:40 Push Ups (ladies version) set 1:24 set 2:25 Straight Arm Plyo-metric Jump set 1:24 set 2:26 Tricep dips (was meant to be Reverse Pull Ups) set 1:25 set 2:30.

The plyometric jump caused me the most issues today. Feel the quad burn!

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