Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend snapshot

After a tough week of assessments, the weekend was a welcome one, sans study! With the forecast heading up into the high 30Cs we made the call to head down to the beach. I got back on the bike (albeit briefly given I was on the Man's bike and he has deceptively short legs), had a chance to do some meal planning and watched a friend box her way to victory. Two years of losing weight, training hard, becoming a PT, with determination by the bucket load she is a true inspiration. I was so proud!

Run: 43:34 | 7.1km | 6:08/km. Mentally I was so ready for this run. The humidity had disappeared and I just felt ready to get out there. I was thinking along the lines of 12km. But ugh it was a struggle to get to 4km. After 5km I walked and then as it started to rain I ran back. I was well under-fueled.

Sun; ride: 29m | 11km | 22.7km/hr. Not an amazing effort, I put it down to the two hill repeats I finished off with, as well as the fact that the Man's bike is not quite set up to my liking - quad overload. But boy I bet I could make it go with the seat post a little higher. Maybe next time I'll crack the Allen key out.

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