Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Active Feet Fun Tri: Race 4 Sandringham

Race time: 44:28 | 250m/8km/2.5km

Swim: 10:40 | 250m | 4:16/100m
Lets just say I exited the water at about 5:15 (a little slow), but there is a mother of a hill from the beach up to transition. I ran it all, but pretty slowly. The 800m run is included in the swim time.

The swim was fine, albeit congested, particularly around the buoys. 250m hardly sorts the swimmers from the non swimmers. I opted for no wetsuit given the warmth of the bay - totally the right option!

What would you do differently?
Back myself and swim harder/faster to get out of the pack.

T1: 1:40
I'm pretty happy with this, found my bike fine, ran with it fine, but did get a little blocked prior to mounting.

What would you do differently?
My mounting was slow and awkward. This needs work. Just got to throw myself on.

Bike: 16:36 | 8km | 28.92km/hr
We had a tailwind heading out, I looked down and saw 42km/hr. You can imagine what coming back was like. I pushed, but within reason. I so wanted to average 30km/hr, but the headwind was just a little too strong for me.

What would you do differently?
The lack of bike training was pretty much the reason I didn't step up to the Sprint distance. I'm hoping to spend more time on the bike so I can race sprint distance before the season ends.

T2: 0:55
I took my feet out of my shoes with plenty of time but my dismount needs work and this would have been a touch faster had I not been slowed by those not running in the narrow chute to transition.

Run: 14:35 | 2.5km | 5:50/km
Reasonably happy with this pace. I was thinking it was going to be much slower the heat was starting to kick in at this stage. I was distracted by a errant shoe lace, it wasn't quite undone, but it was flapping about, so I did stop and tuck it in which worked only temporarily. While my HR was high I think there was more in the tank to push a little more.

What would you do differently?
Go harder. In the end my swim and bike times were competitive. I was pretty stoked to have come 4th in my age group (best result ever!) but my run is a seriously limiting factor.

Awesome things:
The guys & gals answering questions in transition and handing out drinks on the run course.
Friends & family who came down to cheer. My Mum hung out at transition (she was going to go for a ride but opted to stay) while friends cheered me on the bike & run course. I had friends race after me so we hung out and yelled some more.

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  1. You can totally do a sprint- you're great on the bike!