Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monthly totals: January 2012

I swear I just did December's monthly totals. Where did January go??
I can tell you it wasn't exactly spent getting active, it really was a lacklustre affair. On a positive note my academic average isn't suffering, just my stress levels.

Run: 2:57:57 | 29.7km
Swim: 2:01:27 | 5500m
Bike Trainer: 1:55
Boxing: 25m
Strength: 1:10
Stretching: 20m
Race Volunteering: 5:30

Weight: Hovering around the 61.5kg mark and exceptionally bloated - which is a good indication that I'm eating too much. Not only does Feb see me tackle a month of discarding/donating one item per day (one of my goals for 2012), but I see a February full of Fitday ahead.

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