Saturday, February 18, 2012


I am all for goals. With my new vocational training I am constantly filled with self doubt and continually achieving things I didn't think possible. I seriously doubted my ability to study effectively for exams, on Monday I'll sit my 5th, with an average of about 90% so far. Just quietly the average may well be lower come Monday afternoon...

Anyway I'm seriously questioning my goal of running a 2 hour half marathon. I kind of just picked the time because it's nice and round. I'd never really sat down and thought about the actual minutes per kilometre. I consider myself relatively new to the 5:xx/km bracket, I'm not sure I can sustain it for 21.1kms! Ahh doubt, I've seen plenty of you this year and it's only February.

I like the idea of actually solidifying the goal; this pace is what I'm aiming for. I guess I shouldn't be afraid of the failure. I have no about that that if I actually run a solid half marathon I'll probably run a PB. Perhaps I should focus on a sub 2:11:02 half marathon and go from there before focusing on the 2 hour 21.1km...

I don't want to go easy on myself and give myself too much leeway, but additional pressure is not what I need either. It's about finding a balance.

Run: 48:33 | 8.64km | 5:37/km. River run in the city. I forgot how unrelaxing it is running while there's rowing coaching going on. It can also be dicey with their bike handling skills. <- Grumpy much? In essence I found maintaining this pace pretty tough.

Fri; swim: 18:22 | 900m | 2:02/100m. Short and fast session. All I had time for between classes.

Thurs; boxing: 30m. Technique. This was all sorts of useful and somewhat cleansing to punch stuff.

Wed; swim: 22:12 | 1km | 2:13/100m. I was not feeling it in the pool today at all.

Tues; stretching: 45m. Oh yes.

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  1. Running even 6:00/kms (or sub 6:00/km) is another great intermediate goal- I've been trying to break 2 in a half IM for years now, and never succeeded, but I always feel like anything around 2:06 is a win!