Sunday, February 12, 2012

Note to self

Photo credit

Always run with phone! Phone = camera. I opted for a beach run on Friday night after work. It wasn't raining, I was good to go. As I ran past the St Kilda sea baths a giant set of headphones, blasting music, made from Big M cartons greeted me. Awesome! Thankfully a quick search of Flickr did the job.

Fri; PE session: 30m. Strength/boxing. Reminded me of kickboxing classes. Felt good to finally go hard.

Fri; run: 42:09 | 7.44km | 5:40/km. Ran into a pretty strong headwind. So much so that running back felt like I was cheating.

Sat; strength: 20m. Focus on abs and lower body - glutes, hammies, hip.

Run: 48:22 | 8.11km | 5:58/km. Vibram run. Eh, did not take my running mojo down to the foreshore. Tired and dehydrated this morning.


  1. My feet felt alright after wards considering 8km is a long run in the Vibrams for me. By the end of the run I felt as though it may have been too much, alas not and my feet have recovered well.

    Are you still wearing yours around, or are they a bit tricky to get on? ;)