Monday, February 6, 2012

Pure joy

Is it sad that I get more excited about buying new runners than any other shoes these days? After clocking up over 1000km in my Asics GT2150s it was time for a new pair, they were well worn. I want to run in my vibrams more, but I needed an intermediary, something with less cushioning and support, something closer to minimal. This is where the Brooks pureflow fit in. I got a girlfriend to bring me a pair back from the States (bless her). They are light, really light and I love the fact that there's considerably less heel support. First run in them today!

Run: 40:02 | 6.74km | 5:56km/hr. Ran along the Willy foreshore after work. Got changed before leaving work - this made all the difference. I'm really enjoying the running at the moment, probably because it's so damn hard to schedule it in!

1 comment:

  1. wowza - they are some mighty fine shoes you have there!