Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Getting high

I can't believe I left it so long, but it'd been a year or so since I'd been rock climbing. The Man goes fortnightly or so. I've been meaning to join him, really I have, but you know life...and stuff. I finally made it last night. Gah! I forgot how high you go. I was sweating bullets partially because it's so freakin' hard, partially because of the fear. But after a few climbs the momentary paralysis ceased. That's a good feeling. I hope to scamper up a wall sooner rather than later.

Swim: 33m | 1500m | 2:12/100m. Eh, my swimming mojo is at the bottom of the pool. Arms quite fatigued from last night.

Tues; bike trainer: 40m. Gradually increased my heart rate for 20 mins then did 5x 45s effort, 15s rest and 5x 30s effort, 30s rest. 10 min cool down.

Tues; run: 11:03 | 2km | 5:34/km. Run off the bike (trainer) on the track.

Tues; indoor rock climb: 1hr. My forearms were fatigued within the first five minutes! I did try and use my legs rather than arm strength to pull myself up.

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