Friday, January 27, 2012

Portsea Twilight Run 2012

This is how behind I am, I haven't even recapped the Portsea Twilight Run! This year they changed the run course and the start/finish line, all for the better. The course was longer than last year, just as tough and beautiful and the start/finish line was on one massive patch of land that allowed for plenty of lazing about prior to running. And a great stretch for the undie run, in which my partner (bravely) participated in and to our delight did not run too shabbily at all. Next year he'll seed himself closer to the front.

Considering the undulations I was not at all unhappy with my pace. I ran the majority of the way with M. Our running has improved no end, I pulled her up the hills and she encouraged me to run faster down them. In the last 2km she'd pulled away, but I worked hard to lessen the distance, with 200m to go I ran past her and told her to go for it. She's renowned for a sprint finish and did pip me at the post, we had a good laugh about it.

Hands down I'll do everything I can to run this again next year.

Portsea Twilight Run: 44:27 | 7.7km | 5:46/km


  1. I'm sort of sad that I couldn't do it. I've heard it's a pretty mint run...

    I tagged you in a post today, play along if you want :D