Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Advent Challenge

Hot potato Kate is running an Advent challenge. It's exactly what I need this silly season. I'm cheating a little, because I don't actually have an advent calender, instead I'm going to use the stickers + my diaries. I'll switch over to the new diary two weeks in.

Anyhoo, there's 25 stickers each with an exercise task, there are a couple of rest days, because hey, there are Christmas parties to attend, there's some light days, and there's certainly encouragement to get moving. Obviously I won't have the chocolate, but I thought for every sticker in my diary I'd put away $2 - and at the end I'll treat myself to a Women's Health magazine subscription. Or something like that.

I finish work at the end of next week, I'm looking at another Interstate mini break, I then enter the Academy the week before Christmas, for a week! The next three weeks are going to throw up their own set of challenges, so at least I'll have one focal point!

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