Thursday, November 24, 2011

We're going to be good friends

Running home and I are going through a difficult patch. However the Salomon XA 10 pack and I are getting on famously. Initially running with it during the adventure race was a touch awkward, I just wasn't used to it, but I love being able to run home with my stuff without the bounce. Anything moving while I'm running irritates me no end, I don't even like to carry anything in my hands. I also don't end up with sore shoulders which cannot be said for running with my regular backpack.

Now to find the hydration bladder that belongs in there. I hung it up in an ingenious place to dry out, whereabouts currently unremembered...

Run: 52:08 | 7.85km | 6:38s/km. Ugh. Another attempt at running home, no better than last time. I'm questioning my fitness big time. It was warm, I probably could have done with some water but it seems 10km after work run is a struggle.

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