Sunday, November 13, 2011

No socks required

I am loving the warm weather.
Warm toes on the bike? Yes, please!
Dry feet when running on grass? Yes, please!

Run: 21:11 | 3.56km | 5:57/km. First Vibram run in a very long time. I wanted to take it easy on distance for the sake of my feet, but gosh, I do enjoy running in them. Tried to stick to the nature strip, then in the park did three loops of the gravel trail.

Sat; ride: 1:01:48 | 25.9km | 25.18km/hr. Warm & windy. The Williamstown ride has enough bends in it that the wind isn't at you 100% of the time. I likey.

Weekend; strength: 25m. 2kg weights and a whole mix of things.