Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monthly totals; October 2013

Swim: 2:00 | 4900m
Bike: 7:35:28 | 181.9km
Run: 7:19:27 | 64.54km
Bike Trainer: 1:55
Massage: 3:00
Walking: 1:10
Yoga: 10:00 
Weight: 60.3 kg. -1kg.  Significantly fewer hours than last month and still down a kilo. I'm not complaining. I ran the Melbourne Half Marathon that I wasn't well prepared for, thought I'd done myself an ITB injury. Thankfully a week of not running saw it relatively unscathed and back to training. Next on the agenda an 85km ride along with the continued triathlon training. Bring on the warmer weather please!

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