Monday, October 7, 2013


Today is what is called a "recovery" day. I finished work early this morning and don't go back until tomorrow. I nap for 3-4 hours in the morning and wake close to midday. I then do whatever I feel capable of doing. Today outside lured and I tested my legs on the bike for the first time in a couple of weeks. I have a crazy notion that I will do a triathlon or two this season. I wanted to experience a short ride, akin to sprint distance triathlon.

This night shift went well. I had a day where chocolate covered licorice and lollies got the better of me, but my eating was back on track the next day. I managed to move 6 days out of 7. Sure, low intensity, but moving nevertheless. Night shift is hard, it's unnatural, isolating and can be depressing. Kindness to oneself during the week is key!

Breakfast: Green smoothies have worked a treat this week. Rolling with the same banana, peanut butter, milk & baby spinach combo today.
Lunch: 1 scrambled egg with cottage cheese and two pieces of toast
Dinner: Roast beetroot, feta, walnut and spinach salad
Snacks: Blood orange, lollies, stewed apple, yoghurt & cacao nibs, green tea, hot chocolate

Ride: 47:33 | 21.5 km | 27.13 km/hr
The tail wind home helped me no end!

Yoga: 1hr
Simply flow. I am starting to see the slightest improvement in my downward dog. It also makes me think more about my body position in day to day life. This is really important for me as poor posture has led to some ongoing pain in my hips and neck of late.  

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