Sunday, October 13, 2013

Melbourne Half Marathon 2013

 The Short: 2:18:45 | 21.1km | 6.35m/km

Pre race routine:
I never actually started training for this race after the half marathon at RunMelbourne in July. In the end I had no plans to actually run this event. I decided to downgrade to the 10km. But I left it too late, on Friday, when I went to the MCG concourse I was in line to change my event. I got to the front of the queue and was advised I'd need to pick my race packet/number up first and then change events. At about the time I picked up my race packet the 10km sold out and I was left holding a 21.1km entry. I quickly pushed aside thoughts of canning the run. I did what anyone else would do, I googled "how to run a half marathon with no training". The two key requirements appeared to be an awesome playlist and a running buddy who was in the same position. I had neither. 

As an aside how good are family? When my scooter opted not to start the night before a desperate phone call to Mum and I had a lift to the start line.

Run comments:
Instead I gave myself 'permission' to run whatever pace was required that would get me over the line. It wasn't fast. I haven't had a super close look at my splits, but they were pretty consistent. As is the case with my longer distance running. I tried to visualize good form and generally enjoy the company of running with other people. They of course were listening to their kick ass playlists! The crowd and volunteer support was really good.

The crowd thickened as we got closer to the MCG. It was easy to lift with all the cheering. Running onto the 'G was awesome. I tried for a mini sprint to the end and partially managed. It's a toss up to spend a heap of time out there on the ground or get the run over and done with!

I ended up fueling with three Gu. One at the 45min mark, one at 1:30 and another at about 2:00. I think I had 10-15 mins of stomach distress, but I kept running and it went. I took water at every drink station. Even if it was just a few sips. I felt as though my drinking and nutrition were spot on. I meant to take some Clif Shots, but because I didn't pack them with the rest of my stuff the night before I forgot them.
Before the race I took a photo of the splits for a 2:20 and 2:25 half marathon. I referred to these every so often during my run so see where I was at. I always find my Garmin is a little out and my math is appalling at the best of times. 

In terms of the race itself, it's massive. I think this year there were a record number of participants. Considering that the ability to get a drink of water during the race itself was relatively easy. There was an offer to pick up showbags prior to the day which I took advantage of. Not every finisher was directed to powerade and a banana - so I went hunting for same and got results.

Compared to Melbourne's other big half marathon, I actually liked RunMelbourne better. There's a stack of entertainment on course and the course is slightly more interesting route wise. But for finishing on the 'G Melbourne Marathon Festival is certainly recommended.

What would you do differently?
In terms of during the race, nothing. I was happy enough with my performance. My attitude remained positive throughout. This is key!  Prior to racing; train! Work and life and everything else became a priority.
I say it every time and one day, just one day I might take heed; speed work would be of great benefit.

Warm down?
The bucketing rain after finishing helped that. I took a mineral salt bath afterwards.

What limited your ability to perform faster?
Oh and some ITB pain on the left kicked in at the 12km mark. This will be watched.

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