Saturday, October 26, 2013

Excuse me ego | Zone 2 training

The week was more productive than anticipated. I was on a course for work, my second time around and there was pressure to pass - mainly from myself. The travel was long and morning shifts weren't conducive to training, let alone the exhaustion after concentrating all day.

Add to all that the start of a training plan. One that adheres strongly to training in Zone 2, 65-75% of your max heart rate. Basically a rate of training that allows you to breathe through your nose if you wanted to, one that builds endurance and encourages your body to be more efficient at what it's doing.

I've promised myself I'm going to stick with it for a month (potentially longer). It is painfully slow. It is constantly keeping my ego at bay. I know I can go faster, but I will be governed by my heart rate, not by how much faster that person who just passed me is going. The added bonus is that I can do a 2 hour ride prior to work and not be exhausted. I tend to feel ready for the next training session. So that's an early good thing. Go on body, adapt! Do your thing!

Mon: Run;  37:52 | 5km | 7:34/km. 
Steady Z2 run. Had to walk in the last 2kms to keep the HR down. This is my first real run since the Half and there was no ITB pain. Bonus!

Wed: Bike Trainer; 1:05
Majority Z2 plus 5x 3min @ Z4. Watched taped stages of the tour and listened to my fave playlist to keep the boredom at bay. Reward was my guilty pleasure 'The Bachelor'.

Fri: Run; 44:22 | 5.46km | 8:08/km
Warm up 15m @ Z2. Main 2x (4min @ Z4, 3min @ Z2). Cool down Z2.
So much walking. I let my Garmin determine my zones. I'm pretty sure it uses 220- age and as a result the numbers are a bit off because I saw 188bpm at the end of the half. I'll tweak the numbers before the next run.

Fri: Yoga; 1:00 Simply Flow. Lots of hip opening poses and ITB stretching. Felt so good.

Sat: Ride; 2:14:27 | 51.3km | 22.89km/hr
Majority Z2 plus 5x 3min @ Z4. Significantly harder to get into Z4 on the road rather than the trainer, unless of course there's a hill!


  1. hang on, what's this zone training you are doing? what is evidence for it? Me curious...

  2. Google is our friend here. There is a lot of literature out there for Zone 2 training - particularly when it comes to triathlon (also running). Zone 2 builds aerobic fitness. A lot of people do majority of their training in Zone 3 which is working kind of hard, but not really doing much to change our bodies physiology.

    For me, it's an experiment of sorts.