Monday, October 14, 2013


This was in the half marathon swag. A snack of tuna that was last night's entree, a small hand towel that will prove useful for sweat during spinning and a sample magazine that includes an article on hip stability. Along with my lazy ass, I also have weak hips. I have been doing single leg squats a few times a week for the last few weeks. I certainly notice when I've been doing them - hello! training effect, but as the article suggests because I can't do them without my leg wobbling everywhere I've got a little way to go. It also suggested to add other exercises which I plan to do.

I've pulled up ok from the half. My quads are a little sore, but nothing too major. I may have done myself a disservice in the ITB department. My left ITB at the hip is somewhat painful. Thankfully I have a massage tomorrow!

I'm not entirely sure what event is on the cards next. I'm looking closely at a recreational ride in mid November and then potentially the Sprint triathlon series. I also, along with 3 other friends put my name in the hat for next years Berlin Marathon! Eeep!

Until decisions are made there's yoga and swimming on the cards for some active recovery. The plan is also to start running again later in the week, but I'm on the search for a beginner's speed plan!

Yoga: 1hr | Simply flow

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  1. Hey there, well done on the half!
    Hope you get into Berlin Mara!
    Pilates is good for glutes and hips.