Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Midweek update

Finally some pics from the Omara tri. As flattering as black generally is, this pink top seemed to be a beacon for the photographers! Bonus, because I really get to see my less than perfect running technique. Check out the heel striking. And don't forget the thumbs up.

The Vibrams are really helping with rectifying my heel strike issue. I just have to be patient with my calves. They're getting stronger, slowly, slowly.

I set two goals for myself this week. 3x 10km runs. Two down, one to go. I'm thinking Saturday morning at this stage.

The other was water. Three water bottles was ambitious. I'm just getting through two. So I'll keep it at two bottle per day for the rest of the week and see if I can up it at a later stage.

Run: 1:07 | 10.4km | 06m 26s/km. Headed out from home and instead of doing the river run, I headed towards Williamstown. It's quite industrial, but made for a change of scenery. The added bonus being that there were water taps along the way. Something that is sorely missing from the river path. I felt pretty good out, but struggled home. My calves were tired and I was running out of energy. A glass of juice prior to my run would have really helped.

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