Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BRW Corporate Triathlon

Massive transition compound. Image from Supersprint website

Pre-race routine: Checked my bike in on Saturday. Found out at that stage it would be a duathlon. This tri/du involves teams of three each completing the three legs as a relay. I was to be run/ride/running second.

Stayed at my parents on Saturday night, they live a suburb away and in the early morning I scootered to Elwood so I didn't have to worry about the disaster that is parking. My team mate had kindly pumped up my tires so I had little to do in transition other than attached my shoes. I opted to go barefoot for the sand run.

Event warmup: Eh? I'm not much of a warm up person. Some hip swings and then a lot of standing on tippy toes in team transition to make sure I saw Ian run in so I could grab the timing band off him.

Run: 6:10 | 800m | 07m 43s/km. Opted for no shoes beach run. It was better than last week as there was opportunity to run by the waters edge where it was relatively solid ground. While the beach run was 400m, there was another 400m or so getting there and back to transition!

T1: Pretty smooth transition this one. Just had to grab my bike.

Bike: 26:36| 10km | 22.56 km/hr. The aim was to go hard. I think I was passed by two females and a dozen blokes, but for the most part I was doing the passing. My computer had a total bike time of 23.38 with an average of 27.5 km/hr which included the run in and out of transition. The official bike time includes T2 time.

T2: I wasted a minute or three looking for the bike rack. Terrible oversight. I swear I ran down the correct row. Apparently not.

Run: 21:44 | 4 km | 05m 26s min/km. I'm not sure the course was really 4km... However, my main goal this week was to run better than last. And to focus on midfoot striking in my runners. I used the first km to warm up and get my heel striking out of the way then I tried to pick up the pace for the last two km where we had a tail wind.

Warm down: Got to cheer on several members of the business I was racing for and talk triathlon. I haven't done that in ages ;).
Awesome event, pretty stoked to get the call up and have the opportunity to make amends for last week.

Total time: 54:30

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  1. I had a friend do that race over the weekend, and he said the beach run sucked, lol. He's a swimmer like me though, so we're biased!!
    I hate how they include transition times in the cycle time :(
    Good time though, well done! You totally look pro :)