Saturday, February 12, 2011


Two weeks ago I lost my training mojo big time. Weather probably had a huge amount to do with it. It happens from time to time and I tend to just lay low knowing full well my motivation will come back. Then it came around to Monday and I had a million and one things on. I got a run in at the very start of the week and then nothing. I was short of time with longer hours at work, followed by a course in the evening. And then Friday I worked my last day and am now on leave until August!

Tomorrow I make a sort of racing comeback (on the tail of a massive taper!) I'm two parts excited and one part nervous. It's a ladies only event that if the water quality holds up will consist of a 400m swim/ 16km bike/ 4km run. Otherwise it might just be my second duathlon!

Mon; run: 25m 38s| 4km | 06m 25s/km. Vibram run. I think it was further than 4km, regardless shoes felt awesome again. The body glide under my toes really helped. Though I can see how I'm going to need some five toed socks come winter, it was a bit chilly.

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