Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas

In my younger years I've been known to get out for a run or ride on Christmas morning. This year I could have made time but I didn't. Opting to drink coffee in bed with the man while swapping a few presents. We swore by a no present Christmas, but neither of us could resist a little something.

Christmas day was spent with my parents and bro in the city, then we headed down to the beach for Christmas night with the man's family. Good times. We retired relatively early which meant I was awake early and feeling refreshed. And the sun was out. There was no excuses it was running time and I was excited.

Felt so good not to have to be anywhere by a certain time, so I could just run. And while I didn't feel great (dehydrated towards the end), I was pretty happy to have a gorgeous morning to myself. And the people on the peninsula are so nice. Almost everyone I passed said 'good morning'!

Run: 1:09:15 | 10.5km | 06m 36s/km
Thursday commute: 40m | 7km | 14km/hr. Christmas eve errand running. Taking the bike was a godsend because you couldn't park at the supermarket!

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