Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oats are not for me

I just can't come at porridge. I've tried, really I have, to like its texture and its stick to your stomach lining goodness, but I just can't handle the mouth feel. On a day where I know I'll be running I like to have a pretty substantial breakfast and a bowl of 'sweet' Quinoa does it for me. It was Heidi from 101 cookbooks that inspired me to try it for breakfast.

I usually cook up a batch and freeze it in 1/4 or 1/3 cup portions for use during the week. I either defrost it overnight or just pop it in the microwave when I'm ready to eat.

I've been known to prepare it with Almond milk, which adds to the Quinoa's nuttiness, but it works equally as well with regular and soy milk. This version includes stewed apples with vanilla, greek yoghurt and almond butter. So very satisfying.

Run: 32m | 4.8km | 06m 40s/km. I was pumped for this run, I had to wait until the afternoon for some clear weather and it was a serious disappointment. I felt awesome for the first three minutes and horrible the rest. I'm not talking OMG this is hard, I'm taking OMG if I don't stop I'm going to lose my stomach contents. Hopefully next week I'll come good.

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