Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly totals: June 2012

Bike: 9:05 | 128.5 km
Run: 3:25:02 | 32.82 km
Swim: 8m | 400m
Strength: 7:50
Bike trainer: 50m
Mountain bike: 57:12 (I've started logging my mtb adventures with bike)
Rock climbing: 30m
Stretching: 45m
Walking: 1:10

Weight: +0.3kg. 62kg. Still with Fitday. Still eating too much, but again fewer binge eating episodes. I'm happy with that. Really my intake needs to be as close to 1500 cals as I can. I find posting my daily eats helps with that and gives me ideas of tasty things to eat!

I saw a personal trainer three times this month to work on my form in the gym. It certainly helped cement the fact that I need to work on glute strength.

I set myself a challenge of doing 75 minutes worth of planks in June and I did it. I'm thinking of upping it to 80 mins for July.

I'm reasonably happy where my exercise is sitting considering my schedule has been all over the shop. It repeats again in July but with added night shift, my first time doing night shift at that. The key for me will to make sure I'm getting enough sleep and I'll go from there!

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