Wednesday, July 11, 2012

You Yangs

Just because I'm on nightshift doesn't mean I've been doing nothing, I swear!
We spent as much time as we could mountain biking. Which, let's face it, wasn't a whole lot of time. Our preference would have been Lysterfield park, but the paths are currently shut due to all the rain that's fallen recently, so we headed to the You Yangs for our second visit. This time exploring the harder Stockyards part of the park. It was certainly more challenging than the Kurrajong Plantation.

I stuck with the blue run and thoroughly enjoyed going down and even coming up it. The man tested himself on a black run and found it to be slightly beyond his skill levels. It'll be a while before I head down a black run!

Sat: 35m | 8.5km | 14.57 km/hr. Knowing I had to work until 2:30am didn't entice me to absolutely exhaust myself!

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