Thursday, July 12, 2012

Westgate Park

Sunday we jumped in the car and popped over the bridge to explore the bike path/mountain biking under the Westgate bridge. Described elsewhere as "craptacular" we didn't hold high hopes.

It wasn't that bad. But then we hardly had to travel very far to get there. The tracks were muddy, very narrow and winding. And overgrown with weeds, so not quite as pretty as other tracks. We probably wouldn't rush back, but given it's almost on our doorstop I wouldn't be surprised if we return.

Sun: 45m | 10km | 13.33km/hr

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  1. Lysterfield is a great option just a shame it gets shut so often because of the rain. I had never heard of Westgate Park- but I guess if you live out that side of town then the YouYangs are the answer:)
    I struggle to exercise on nightshift- I can always hear bed calling to me!