Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monthly totals: March 2012

 It was good to get back on the bike and maintain the swimming, now I just have to pick up the running!

Bike: 1:49:57 | 48.69km
Run: 4:00:15 | 38.82
Swim: 3:01:07 | 8200m
Strength: 1:22
Bike trainer: 1:10
Fitness test: 15m
Massage: 1:15
Race Volunteering: 12:30
Tennis: 40m
Weight: +1kg. 62kg. I struggled with my eating this month. I don't eat a lot during the day due to the discomfort it causes, I then find myself lacking energy to workout after work/class and I go home and eat far too much.

While I found cutting sugar out did help some of my bloating issues it certainly didn't entirely rid me of the problem and I'm finding it difficult to pinpoint what is actually causing the bloating. One day I'll eat something and I'll be fine, the next day exactly the same thing and I'll be in all sorts of discomfort. A trip to the doc is in order. Something needs to change.

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  1. awesome monthly stats!!!!
    hope the tummy troubles ease, however :(