Saturday, December 24, 2011

Advent Challenge: Day 12- 24

It feels like forever! Oh wait, it has been forever.

After finishing up work I was lucky enough to get down to Tassie last week to check out Bruny Island and MONA. Both highly recommended. Then it was all Christmas parties and birthdays and plenty of recovery time. It felt incredibly indulgent to take the week off from exercise, not exactly planned, but I tell you I caught up on sleep and was able to start this week full of beans. And man, those beans quickly ran out, because last night I was exhausted. Lucky I've got another week off ;).

Happy festive season to all!

Day 12. Monday
Beep test: Level 5.6. Not ideal. But I figure when I run it for real with people, I'm going to do better, plus I will take ventolin.

Day 13 - 18
Rest: 6 days of it. Oops. But it feels so good to be well rested.
Day 19. Monday
Vibram run: 10m | 1.69km | 5.56/km. Ugh, asthma put paid to this run.
Strength: 20 min. Bumped up the time due to the short run.

Day 20. Tuesday
Vibram run: 20:28 | 3.65km | 5:37/km. Finished off what I started yesterday.

Day 21. Wednesday
Beep test: Level 8.1. First fitness assessment, happy enough with this. Finished with something left in the tank, so there should be improvement next time.

Day 22-23

Day 24. Saturday.
Ride: 1:15:30 | 33.16km | 26.35km/hr. Easy ride. No wind!

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