Sunday, December 4, 2011

Advent Challenge: Day 02-Day 04

The proof is in my diary. And devastated that aviators will not be making an appearance in my new work wardrobe anytime soon. Unless they make them for people with teeny tiny faces.

Day 02. Friday
Run: 1:10:27| 11km | 6:24/km. This was tough, but more so because I didn't take any ventolin prior to running and my chest felt tight. Still, I'm not expecting a PB at next weekend's 10km!

Day 03. Saturday
Rest: Miraculously, I didn't wake up with a hangover. I think I should have given we had a work Christmas lunch that involved plenty of Rose and a stop at Lord of the Fries on the way home. Hello, mini (vegetarian!) burger.

Day 04. Sunday
Strength: 15 min. The plan had been to swim, but the pool had fed the internets the wrong info, and we were well and truly misinformed, so there were only 3 lanes available inside. Ugh, inside! We walked the lake instead and then while I was waiting for dinner to cook I did my strength. Hips, hammies, core & shoulders.

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