Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Challenge: Day 05 and 06

It's handover week, essentially I'm at work just to answer any last minute questions and finish off some design work. I found myself with time to kill, so I went walking at lunchtime, in highly inappropriate footwear, but it was glorious.

We also finally got our Christmas lights up.

Day 05. Monday

Kickboxing: 45m. With 4x 100 skipping sets. Ahh my calves, ahh my heartrate!

Day 06. Tuesday
Vibram Run: 18:26 | 3km | 6:08/km. Not feeling the whole running thing today. Should have gone out at 6:30am rather than in the pm.


  1. an impressive vibram run!! how did your feet / legs feel?

  2. This is probably my third vibram run in four weeks, I'm trialling a very slow transition! Legs felt fine, toes felt a little cramped - sometimes my feet are just like that. I usually feel better than this. I'm aiming for one vibram run a week. The best thing no calf pain at all today!