Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend snapshot

My weekend started Friday with a glorious swim, a much needed ITB massage and a cortisone injection in my knee, resulting in plenty of pain during the Hawthorn vs Collingwood preliminary final at the 'G.

However Saturday I woke up pain free and was able to enjoy our impromptu weekend away in Daylesford, complete with lunch at the Lake House.

And today I ran for the first time in 12 days. I've been continuing my hip and glute exercises, stretching, taking anti-inflamms. I felt like it was time. And so I ran, pain free. The cortisone? The rest? Who knows. But a beep test was done and while the results were less than impressive, I was able to run!! And return to kickboxing. Happy times.

Fri; swim: 43m | 2000m | 2:09/100m. Alternating pull buoy and freestyle. No knee issues at all.

Beep test: Level 5.5. Not overly impressive, definitely need ventolin prior.
Kickboxing: 30m. I sat out a lot of the running elements, not wanting to push my luck. No pain, but iced the knee afterward just in case.


  1. Good to see you back on the track Casie! Look after those legs though.

    Cortisone injections might just be the worst form of legal torture in the world, but it does do a good job.

  2. heres hoping the knee continues to improve!! :)