Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Settling back in

September's focus is about getting back into a good training routine. I'd lost a bit of motivation there for a while. News had stopped on the new job front and getting back into a working routine was tiring.

But things are finally progressing, an email from a recruiting officer today, yay! And I'm generally feeling like I have a bit more energy. The aim for this week is 3-4 runs and 3 kickboxing sessions. I might even get a swim in this month!

Mon; kickboxing
: 45m. Lots of new people, a few hard exercises but not exhausting.

Mon; run: 1:05:33 | 10.13km | 6:28/km. Run home from work. I felt a little tired and it was into a fairly fierce headwind. I also ran with a backpack for the first time and boy was I regretting that decision 5km in. My shoulders and neck were screaming in pain, plus the bouncing kinda messed with my stride. But no part of me wanted to stop running. A good feeling.

Fri; run: 3:24:26 | 31.3km | 6:32/km. I wanted to run 32km. So close! I felt good all the way out, but at 17km things started to get hard. It was warm and windy. I had a tail wind the whole way home. So much so I took a kilometre walking break 2km from home, I'd run out of water and wasn't feeling awesome.

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