Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little list

Good things:
• Another year older and a perfect low key weekend spent celebrating with family & friends.
• New graffiti on my river run
• Ebay. Someone is paying me to take away our ugly dining setting!
• Further progression on job application, references are being checked.
• So very close to a newly plastered ceiling

Not so good things
• Motivation for marathon at low point
• Dodgy knee
• Likelihood that this weekend will be spent painting said ceiling

Run: 1:38:48 | 15.2km | 6:29/km. Had planned for an easy 20km. heading out was pretty tough into the wind, but I was listening to Shantaram audio book so I was well entertained. However at 15km in I stopped because my right knee was kind of sore. I had a bit of a stretch and started again. But there was a searing pain in my knee. I had to walk/limp the 5km home. At times it was so excruciating I was almost in tears. Hopefully it was just a one off, I've been icing and anti-inflammatory-ing. I was hoping to go really long come Friday.

Mon; kickboxing: Did this session showcase my weak upper body? Hell, yes.

1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday! Sorry to hear about the dicky knee- hope it is just a once off.