Saturday, September 17, 2011

An artist's impression

The pain in my knee didn't let up Wednesday, so I made an appointment at the physio. Iliotibial band syndrome resulting in lateral knee pain. Gah! It didn't even cross my mind it could be ITB related, I've hardly been racking up the kilometres in the last month.

I am so lucky that I was able to run Gold Coast Marathon injury free, but the impending Melbourne Marathon isn't looking so good. More importantly I need to be able to run the beep test in the next month or so, as a result I'm doing everything I can to help my situation out.

Until next Wednesday when I see the physio again I can't run, cycle or walk too far. Which pretty much leaves swimming as my only cardio option. Hip strengthening exercises are a must and any upper body strength is allowed. Bless my physio, I love how he draws my exercises!

At rest my knee feels fine, if I take an anti-inflammatory with breakfast I usually won't have any pain until late afternoon. And it's not debilitating pain, just a little achy. So the rest is definitely helping, but I can't help but feel lazy.

Fri; swim: 43:30 | 2000m | 2:10/100m. A pull buoy swim. No kicking at this stage. 2x 500m and 1x 1000m. I had the lane to myself, it was bliss.

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  1. Oh no! Could you do some pool running or even aqua jogging? I know some pros who swear by it!