Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rapha #womans100

Recently, cracking the ton on the bike has proven to be a massive mental hurdle for me. But then so has been using hashtags, that's a different story.

Signing up for the Rapha Women's 100 proved to be just the antidote. In all honesty I hoped to see large groups of women on the road. But it wasn't to be. I hope they were all over in Collingwood joining the quasi-official ride.

I, on the other had get out earlier than I ever would so I could make it to work on time. I've been avoiding Beach Rd recently, just to mix things up, for the Women's 100 I got back on it.

Halfway was Mornington and a banana with a bay view. Conditions could not have been more perfect for this time of year. No wind!

10kms to go I was done, recovered with scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and hot sauce with a side serving of natural peanut butter and rice cakes. Then I got to go to work and whinge to my offsider about how hungry I was. I'm always hungry. Nothing new, not like that hashtag!

I got to order the commemorative roundel today, that was a definite highlight. That and I'm heading into a three day weekend...

Sun; ride: 102km | 3:51:18 |  26.5km/hr.

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