Friday, July 25, 2014

Crane compression review

My friend has a saying "I'm going to make every dollar my prisoner" when he's on a saving spree.
I feel a bit like that at the moment too, trying to get on top of registration for a car and scooter, insurance, bills, and the flights to Berlin that are yet to be booked. You know, the usual.

My ears certainly pricked up when last Friday a woman in our way-too-open-plan office mentioned that Aldi was going to have a sale on compression tights and tops over the weekend.

Do I need new pair of tights or do I. My 2XU compression tights are loose to the point of chafing me on my long runs now. I love me some 2XU, all my items have lasted for years, are comfy and flattering. But I just don't have that kind of coinage at the moment. And there's been nothing but large sizes on the 2XU outlet site.

And so, to Aldi I made it for Crane brand compression. There was one long pair of women's tights left, in size large. Sigh. But many pairs of long men's tights in small. I figured it was worth the less than $17 gamble.

And it was.

No branding
Minimal coloured stitching
Small reflective panel
Not see through
Tight/compression effect
Comfotable to run in
No swishing sound when walking or running

Slightly dinky rear pocket. Adequate to hold small set of keys, but I wouldn't trust my cash in there.
Because they are the mens version, the front pouch is kinda unsightly on a woman - lucky all my tees are long
The sizing/material details printed on the inside of the pants can be seen when the tights are on. Again the long tee negates this.

But really, you don't care about all that, you're just impressed that my socks match my top.

Run: 17:36 | 3.2km | 5:27m/km
A quick run to shake out the cobwebs before Run Melbourne on Sunday. I gots me some cups on Strava. That's always a good feeling.

Swim: 43:13 | 2km | 2:09m/100m.
2x 500m, 1x 1000m. My left shoulder felt a little niggly. Also I need to swim more. I noted the opening times for the week this visit. That's a first. Usually I rock up and hope it's open. I've not wasted my time yet.

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