Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In other news...

I don't think I mentioned I signed up for Ironman Melbourne 2015! How has it taken me this long??

I couldn't help myself, the timing seemed as good as any... ie the niggling desire to do another one before 40, single and time on my hands to be used productively. Training for Ironman can be hella selfish.

I am so excited that I be doing it in my home town. I'm going for a home crowd advantage!

Of course there's a couple of hurdles. Hello! Night shift and rostering. I've stretched my training plan out to accommodate the fact that I'll probably be doing minimum turnaround night shifts from September. So effectively every third week is an active rest/rest week.   

There's also the Berlin Marathon to consider, oh and Oktoberfest after that and two additional weeks of travel after that. So yeah, a few things to take on board, the aim is to get to the start line in one piece, enjoy the journey and enjoy the day.

Mon; swim: 45m | 2km | 2:15m/100m. I felt like a brick. I also experimented with breathing every 5. Tough!

Tues; rest. Bleh, I had the day of work, such was my sickness.

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