Monday, September 30, 2013

Monthly totals; September 2013

Swim: 3:03:59 | 7400 m
Bike: 4:24:04 | 113.5km
Run: 12:05:22 | 114.3 km
Strength: 35m
Massage: 2:45:00
Stretching: 40m
Walking: 3:27:00
Yoga: 12:00:00

Weight:  61.4kg down -1kg. I put on 2kgs in Bali while there in August (it was freakin' awesome). I figured it would come off easily enough upon getting home. But then it didn't and intervention was required. Using Fitday I'm back on track and I don't feel obsessive about it, which is the most important thing. For me it's about planning and being organised so I that I have healthy snacks on hand and reasonable meals for work, not letting myself get so tired and hangry (hungry/angry) that I just eat anything and more importantly everything!

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