Friday, September 27, 2013


Friday's eats
Breakfast; Cape seed loaf and butter. So delicious. And a large coffee after yoga.
Lunch; Corn tortillas with ricotta & eggs, scrambled plus generous lashings of hot sauce. 
Dinner; very loosely based on this, subs included wild rice, walnuts, addition of feta & avocado.
Snacks; Celery, blood orange, stewed apple, almond milk hot chocolate.

My eating is not usually this virtuous. I had totally planned to have a chocolate bar at work, but we were so busy there was barely enough time to eat dinner! I had the hot chocolate at home instead.

Run: 1:19:52 | 12.2km | 6.32m/km
Windy conditions. Not feeling the love with my running at the moment.

Yoga: 1:00 | Simply flow
I found it a challenging on the mat today, probably due to tiredness after running.

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