Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly totals: May 2012

Bike: 3:35:08 | 82.25 km
Run: 3:12 | 32.18 km
Swim: 1:01:30 | 3000m
Agility: 25m
Strength: 9:55
Bike trainer: 4:27
Boxing: 30m
Weight: -0.3kg. 61.7kg. I've been tracking my intake on Fitday again. It helps me to be accountable. To question whether I am really hungry. Some days are good, some days are not. I log and I move on. I'm doing my best not to induce guilt. The episodes of binging are decreasing. That's a win.

So the more observant may have noticed that I considerably upped my strength work in May. Since I started the new job I've had access to an amazing (new and free) gym that I've not really used. For the most ridiculous reason; fear. Of what people will think, of not knowing what to do, of looking like a fool doing so. Lamest excuses ever! I so thought I was over that and old enough to know better. Apparently not.

I took aside one of my workmates one day and asked her to run through the equipment with me. She was so very happy to do so. As a result of her patience and my incessant you-tubing of how to perform certain exercises I can happily report I'm a semi-regular gym user!

People still pick me up on my form and I'm totally ok with that. I've booked a Personal Trainer session during my upcoming leave where I hope to learn even better form.


  1. Hi Casie- I think we go to the same gym ;) Love the new watch- hope it doesnt get ruined at work! Sara

    1. Sara, I believe we do! Any advice you can pass on will be welcomed!!