Thursday, March 3, 2011

Slow start

Trust me, I know people have bigger problems. But I thought I'd share. I'm about to go overseas for two months. I am totally planning to run. We hit NYC first, after some research I was just going to go over and buy a new pair of Vibrams because they are significantly cheaper in the US than here and I was really enjoying running in them. They're also tiny and hardly take up any space. Bonus.

However I couldn't finish my Vibram run yesterday because of the pain in both my feet at the midfoot/ball of foot. I was totally fine doing my speed work on the soft grass oval, but running home on the concrete sidewalk had me wincing in pain. So much so, I had to stop. I had a chat to my podiatrist who suggested I see a physio. I don't think it's stress fractures, at a rough guess I'm thinking some sort of tendonitis bought on by the fact that it's pretty squishy in the Vibrams with the Injinji socks.

It seems I can run in my Asics just fine, but I know that once I get tired I start to revert back to heel striking which I'm desperately trying to avoid. I'm wondering if I should go for a more cushioned barefoot style runner like a Newton or the Nike free.

First I should probably work out what's causing the pain...stay tuned. Or not.

Ride: 17:30 | 6.83km | 23.42 km/hr. I got about 10min down the road before I encountered a road closure and huge drops of rain. It was not meant to be a riding day it seems. I got my Max HR when a woman failed to give way and almost hit me.

Wed; run: 19:16 | 3.24km | 5m47s/km. I ran to the oval and then did a speed session of 6x 1min efforts 45sec rest. I wore the Vibrams + socks there and took the socks off at the oval. No issues running on the soft surface at all, yes it was a tough session, but no foot pain. I couldn't run all of the way home, too much midfoot & under toe pain. So I did a walk of shame home.

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